Nurturing a writing practice

Devotion is a practice-based creative writing workshop that nurtures writing practices through communal writing sessions that foster accountability, solidarity and collective learning. Through a mixture of writing prompts (inspired by poetry, novels, films, music, memoirs and more) and open discussion, writers of any level from absolute beginner to published authors can explore new techniques and themes.


'When we write together and read together, it feels congregational, it feels like a ritual necessary in the world right now. Sophie and Rose seem to tap into something elemental and free something in us all.'

'Devotion does something that nothing else has ever done for me in my writing and has changed me in other more spiritual senses too. The space is nurturing and allows for everybody to be who they need to be on any given day and the pricing structure means I can attend without worry, which is amazing.'

‘On the last day of Devotion I actually wrote a page length poem that was an actual poem. and it didn't totally suck it actually sounds like my voice, i touched the chords of my own song and even tho its a groggy 7am song its still the sound of it and that experience was like the most crazy insane breakthrough and i cried a lot and have been writing almost everyday since.’ 

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